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Top 7 Ways to Earn Free Google Play Store Gift Cards and Credits

free-google-gift-cardGoogle Play Store can be said to be an amazing platform because apart from the fact that it has numerous useful applications and games accessible to its users, it comes with certain rewards as well. The applications and games available on the store are usually either free or paid-for.

Now, downloading a free application or game is a piece of cake, so to speak. However, downloading a paid-for app is a whole different story because you will need to have money, gift cards or credits from the store.

How can you earn free Google Play Store gift cards or credits? https://freegiftcardcodez.com/

Google Play Store credit?

First, in case you want to get credit, you need to know what it is to make the process easier. Google Play Credits are monetary rewards that get added to your credit, debit or gift card and you can use them to purchase apps and games on the Play Store. One of the best things about these credits is that they don’t come with an expiration date and can be used after a long time. If you want to add credit to your Google account, first you need to:

· Go to google.com

· Go to settings, then

· Go to my account- You will get two options, Add and Redeem.

· To buy credit, click Add, enter the data on your card then save.

· To redeem cash, click Redeem then enter your gift card details.

How do you earn Google Play Store Credits?

You see, you will need to launch applications that will offer you real money against your opinion on the survey. There are several applications available on the store that will allow you to earn free credits. Highlighted below are those applications and everything you need to know about them.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Officially developed by Google Consumer Surveys, this application sends free surveys to its users every week. Answering these surveys will get you up to $1.00 of credits. Every time a survey is ready, you get a notification and the questions are usually quite relevant. It’s a free app that is compatible with all Android devices.

2. Click Cash Rewards

Tap Cash Rewards is a fairly easy app that offers both cash rewards and gifts. You will be able to earn points and redeem your free Google Play Store gift card by downloading games and apps. In addition to that, you can get credits from Amazon, PayPal, Freecharge and others as well using this app.

3. Free Gift Cards

This is another incredible option that will allow you to get free credit on the Play Store. You can actually use the credits on Amazon, PayPal, iTunes, PlayStation and more as well. Once you log in the application, you will be able to earn points with free Google Play Store gift cards by completing offers, running apps, watching videos and even inviting friends.

4. JunoWallet

With this app, you will be able to obtain reward points by playing games, watching videos and completing surveys. It is also possible to get a gift card for the app for eBay, Amazon, iTunes, Xbox and others.

5. AppNana

This is a pretty popular application and a lot of users use it to get free prizes and credits from Google Play Store and other platforms like Amazon, iTunes, Xbox etcetera. You can even try using the other applications within the application in order to redeem your gift cards at no costs at all.

6. Cubic Reward

With this app, you will have an opportunity to get free Google Play Store gift cards by using awesome apps and playing games. It is compatible with all Android-based devices and any credit you earn on this app can be used to pay for any app or game very easily. It is a very secure app that allows you to run integrated apps a lot faster. You can also use the credits on other platforms like Amazon and iTunes.

7. FreeMyAps

FreeMyAps is simply one of the best among all these applications. The reason is because it allows you, as a user, to earn credits by testing the latest games and apps. Once the points accumulate, you can redeem them to get free gift cards. These gift cards can be used on Google Play Store, Starbucks, Amazon, Skype, Spotify and more.

This is an incredible list of applications that will get you absolutely free credit while you are still having fun. You will be able to purchase other games or apps that you like through the free credits. Of course, you Google Account should be active for you to do all this.